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  • gwec-in-press - 29 Apr 2015

    The UK Sets New Record For Wind Energy Sector

    Sustainable Cities Collective

    The UK has blown its previous record of 13% set in 2013 by achieving 14% of total electricity being generated by wind power. New figures for countries throughout the world published by the Global Wind Energy Council and GreenMatch reveal a global annual market growth of 44% and, in the UK, significant contribution to the country’s energy needs.

    Results …

  • gwec-in-press - 27 Apr 2015

    Can the World Run on Renewable Energy?


    Without doubt, renewable energy is on a roll. Denmark is producing 43% of its energy from renewables, and it aims for 70% by 2020. Germany, at more than 25% now and 30% soon, is going for 40% to 45% clean power by 2025, 55% to 60% by 2035, and an incredible 80% by 2050. China, despite many challenges, is the …

  • gwec-in-press - 26 Apr 2015

    Will wind energy ‘boom’ in 2015?

    Vergnet Wint Turbines

    Global wind energy production expected to continue rising

    The global wind energy industry has been seeing robust growth, increasing capacity by 16.2% in 2014 from 318,644 MW in 2013 to 369,597 MW, and this trend is expected to continue in 2015.

  • gwec-in-press - 24 Apr 2015

    Turkey to continue progress in wind energy: Siemens

    AA Energy News Terminal

    Turkish wind energy attracts suppliers like Siemens, foreign investors and stakeholders, says Siemens Wind CEO

    Turkey’s significant wind potential, its growing economy and increasing energy demand is leading the country to progress well in wind power, a Siemens official said Tuesday.

    “In 2014, Turkey’s capacity reached 804 megawatts, and one gigawatt is planned for 2015 which is an important milestone showing the maturity of the …

  • gwec-in-press - 24 Apr 2015

    Wind will play significant role in Turkey, IEA Official

    AA Energy News Terminal

    Turkey’s growth will increase energy demand: Head of Renewable Energy Division of IEA

    Wind will play a significant role in Turkey’s continuously growing economy in the upcoming years, according to an International Energy Agency, IEA, official Monday.

    “Turkey is growing fast which is obviously good for the economy, and the growing population will increase energy demand,” said the Head of the Renewable Energy Division of …

  • gwec-in-press - 24 Apr 2015

    Turkey gives right signals for wind sector investments

    AA Energy News Terminal

    Turkey is giving all the right signals to attract investments from the international wind energy sector, said an official of Global Wind Energy Council, GWEC on Tuesday. 

    Payment terms and guaranteed prices in Turkey’s wind energy market are very attractive to wind energy investors as the Turkish market continues to flourish, according to Dr. Klaus Rave, chairman of the Global Wind Energy Council. 

    The country has moved up one …