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  • gwec-in-press - 21 Oct 2014

    GWEC: ‘2000GW possible by 2030′


    China will drive the global wind power industry’s sharp recovery this year, but Brazil, South Africa and Mexico will be the world’s most exciting growth markets in the years to come, according to GWEC head Steve Sawyer.

  • spotlight - 08 Oct 2014

    MEDIA INVITE: Global Wind Energy Outlook 2014 Release

    Press conference

    Tuesday 21 October, 10:00-11:00, Xi’An meeting room

    Kempinski Hotel Beijing Lufthansa Center, Beijing, China

    Wind energy has firmly established itself as a mainstream technology and is now the cheapest power option to add new capacity to the grid in an increasing number of markets. Wind power plays a key …

  • gwec-in-press - 01 Oct 2014

    Straight Talking: They have too much to lose to face reality

    WORLDWIDE: They say that it gets darkest just before dawn. I just hope that’s true. As Gandhi allegedly said, “first they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win”. We’re definitely at stage three.

    As we stand peering over the brink of the climate-change abyss, we are at the same time witnessing a renewable-energy revolution, …

  • news - 01 Oct 2014

    The community owned HN Windpark

    “Not only is it good for our planet, it also gives boost to green growth locally, adds substantial income to many and gives both municipalities a steady flow of tax income for years to come..”


    Nine turbines, an investment worth €37 million shared by 174 local owners: this is the HN Windpark. The H stands for Hörup, a small …

  • news - 29 Sep 2014

    Wind Energy Capital Hamburg: Premiere of the Leading International Expo WindEnergy Exceeds Expectations

    HAMBURG, Germany, September 26, 2014 

    (HMG) 26 September 2014. Visitors and exhibitors agree about the highly successful premiere of WindEnergy Hamburg which came to a close on Friday after four exhibition days.

    The importance of the fair location was emphasised by Olaf Scholz, Mayor of Hamburg, who noted that “the Metropolitan Region of Hamburg is not …

  • gwec-in-press - 25 Sep 2014

    WindEnergy Hamburg opened by Vice-Chancellor Gabriel

    Hamburg News

    Federal Minister Sigmar Gabriel official inaugurated the leading international trade fair Wind Energy Hamburg on Monday evening, a premiere for Hamburg. “Wind energy has established itself worldwide, both from an economic and from an energy policy perspective,” said the German Vice-Chancellor. “This is a great success, and last but not least, a result of a furious development …