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GWEC at EWEA Offshore in Copenhagen: India could have offshore wind by 2019

SolutionWind campaign kick-off video

Global Wind Report – Annual Market Update launch

GWEC at EWEA Offshore in Frankfurt: Business leaders debate the future of offshore wind

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Steve Sawyer talks to Washington Post about wind power’s vital role in Brazil, ©Washington Post, 31 October 2013.

Which products would you like to be WindMade?

Steve Sawyer speaking at a wind energy conference in Wellington, New Zealand

"Policies need to be Long, Loud and Legal".

IEA Chief Economist Fatih Birol on 4 February at EWEA2013 in Vienna

"Global fossil-fuel subsidies, which jumped to $523 billion in 2011, are providing an incentive to emit CO2 that is equivalent to $110 per ton", said Birol and continued "However, ladies and gentlemen, I believe the major barrier of the better prospects of wind is not the lack of predictability of the available wind, but the lack of the predictability of government policies, in terms of investment frameworks.

My message to the governments here is the following:  if the government policies about wind energy would be as predictable as the availability of wind, then we would win this game".

In conversation with Steve Sawyer, Secretary General, GWEC

Steve Sawyer talks about the Indian wind power market and GWEC’s collaboration with the Indian Wind Energy Associations and Wind Power India 2012 taking place from 28-30 November in Chennai.

I love wind energy because!

Why do we love wind energy? Lots of reasons! See a few of them here in this video, produced especially for Global Wind Day 2012. To find out more about Global Wind Day this year, go to