GWEC membership benefits

Going Global? Join GWEC!

GWEC is the representative voice of the global wind industry, communicating the benefits and potential of wind power to media, national governments and international bodies, such as the International Energy Agency, the Asia Development Bank and the International Renewable Energy Agency.

We also distribute influential and respected reports about the industry, which are used by national governments in creating national energy policies and setting targets for renewable energy.

All companies working in the wind industry sector benefit when energy policy frameworks are friendly to wind power. Join GWEC today and support the work that helps your business.


"Our GWEC membership helps us to get access to the global wind industry and opens up a world of new business opportunities. It  helps us to promote the message that wind energy is the key to a sustainable future."


Thorbjørn N. Rasmussen,


Key benefits of membership:


Influence international policy decisions - Our mandate from our members is to communicate the benefits of wind power to influential media, national governments, policy makers and international institutions. Help us shape that message, and highlight your company as a leading voice.

Position your company as a global leader - We help open up new markets for wind.  We provide our members with the information and intelligence needed to enter these markets.

Gain valuable networking opportunities - Receive big discounts on GWEC events around the world, and take advantage of exclusive networking opportunities.

Establish your company in markets around the world - We work with national governments to give them transparent information about the benefits and potential of wind power, enabling them to make informed decisions about national energy policies. Open markets mean more business for your company.

We also offer significant discounts on exhibition and conference registration at our events around the world.

Please click here for a specific list of benefits for your company and more information about fees. Membership starts at just € 1,200 per year.