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  • spotlight - 01 Jul 2014

    Centrum Rozwoju Energetyki joins GWEC

    GWEC is pleased to welcome Centrum Rozwoju Energetyki (CRE) on board as a new member of its influential circle of members promoting wind energy around the globe. CRE has been for years one of the leading Polish companies providing construction, design, implementation and management of wind power, PV and biogas projects.

    CRE offers engineering and legal advice for wind …

  • gwec-in-press - 27 Jun 2014

    Snowflakes Help Study Wind Turbine Airflow

    Daily Fusion

    Scientists at the University of Minnesota (UMN) used snowflakes from a winter snowstorm to study the airflow patterns around large wind turbines. This measurement technique could prove valuable to improving wind energy efficiency.

    The Global Wind Energy Council expects wind installations of at least 47 GW in 2014, a dramatic increase over 2013 levels. However, this number could be even …

  • gwec-in-press - 19 Jun 2014

    Wind energy powering ahead

    IOL SciTech 

    Cape Town – South Africa’s new wind power industry is booming, courtesy of government support through its renewable energy procurement programme.

    And while communities living alongside wind farms stand to benefit hugely, getting the right mechanisms in place to ensure that mandatory benefits accrue to affected communities is the “Holy Grail” of the burgeoning industry.

    This was the word from the …

  • gwec-in-press - 19 Jun 2014

    Global Wind Day Celebrates Wind Energy as Major Player Worldwide

    It may not rank in popularity with the World Cup but a growing interest in Global Wind Day (June 15) continues to underscore the significant contribution that the emissions-free electricity-generating technology is making to mitigate the worst excesses of burning fossil fuels.

    No longer considered an alternative energy source, the wind power sector is now present in more than 80 nations and had generated …

  • spotlight - 18 Jun 2014

    China Introduces Offshore Wind Feed-In Tariffs

    China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) has been working with the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) tariff department for months to determine the FIT for offshore wind, and the discussions between the two agencies have now been finalised: the inter-tidal projects will enjoy a tariff of RMB 0.75 (USD 0.12) per kilowatt hour while the nearshore tariff will …

  • gwec-in-press - 16 Jun 2014

    Question of the week: What are the next big emerging markets? Steve Sawyer GWEC CEO replies

    Wind Power Monthly

    Last month, Senvion CEO Andreas Nauen said the “exotic” markets of America, India and Korea will drive growth in the offshore industry, but what will be the new emerging markets of the onshore industry?

    Besides China, global growth in the wind industry is now being driven by Brazil, Mexico and South Africa. But what’s next?

    Needless to say, …