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  • gwec-in-press - 24 Apr 2015

    Wind will play significant role in Turkey, IEA Official

    AA Energy News Terminal

    Turkey’s growth will increase energy demand: Head of Renewable Energy Division of IEA

    Wind will play a significant role in Turkey’s continuously growing economy in the upcoming years, according to an International Energy Agency, IEA, official Monday.

    “Turkey is growing fast which is obviously good for the economy, and the growing population will increase energy demand,” said the Head of the Renewable Energy Division of …

  • gwec-in-press - 24 Apr 2015

    Turkey gives right signals for wind sector investments

    AA Energy News Terminal

    Turkey is giving all the right signals to attract investments from the international wind energy sector, said an official of Global Wind Energy Council, GWEC on Tuesday. 

    Payment terms and guaranteed prices in Turkey’s wind energy market are very attractive to wind energy investors as the Turkish market continues to flourish, according to Dr. Klaus Rave, chairman of the Global Wind Energy Council. 

    The country has moved up one …

  • gwec-in-press - 22 Apr 2015

    How Global Wind Power Capacity is Set to Boom in 2015

    The Green Optimistic

    The global wind energy industry has been seeing robust growth, increasing capacity by 16.2% in 2014 from 318,644 MW in 2013 to 369,597 MW.

    Much of the increase is accounted for by China, Germany, the US, Brazil and India, although there have been a number of new installations in the rest of the world.

    Global wind capacity is expected to …

  • gwec-in-press - 21 Apr 2015

    Five Reasons Why the Wind Industry Will Make Your Day

    HuffPost Green

    Let’s face it – extreme weather, floods and droughts, melting ice and disappearing species as a result of climate change are enough to ruin anyone’s day. So here’s some good news for a change, brought to you by the wind industry:

    Wind power is now the cheapest way to add new power generation to the grid in a long and …

  • gwec-in-press - 21 Apr 2015

    Question of the Week: The future of China?

    Windpower Monthly

    Recent industry reports suggest that China’s wind market growth will slow down in the coming years. Windpower Monthly speaks to Vestas, GWEC, FTI Consulting and Make Consulting about how this will affect European companies aiming for a slice of the Chinese action?

  • gwec-in-press - 17 Apr 2015

    New record for wind power in 2014


    The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) published its “Global Wind Report” for the year 2014. To give you a short overview, we created an infographic with some of the key figures from the 80 page report.

    Overall, the wind market recovered from its sharp decline in 2013 to just above 35 GW of new installations. Global installations went up further than …