Fracking threatens renewable wind industry, warns global council

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The massive quantities of shale gas produced through fracking in the US and efforts to export this gas worldwide pose a threat to the renewable wind energy industry, says a Cape Argus report. 

This warning came from Steve Sawyer, secretary-general of the Global Wind Energy Council, in his welcoming address to Windaba 2013 - the third wind energy industry conference and exhibition presented jointly by the council and the SA Wind Energy Association that took place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre last week. According to the report, Sawyer noted that the International Energy Agency was referring to the 'golden age of gas' with the promise of 'plentiful, clean and wonderful natural gas' produced by fracking. 'Well, it's not so golden, it's not so cheap, and it's certainly not very clean. But it's become something of a sacred cow in the US and they're trying to export it globally, and it could be a serious problem for us (renewable wind energy industry),' Sawyer is quoted in the report as saying.

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