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EU offshore wind energy sector posts solid 2012

Europe installed and grid connected 293 offshore wind turbines in 2012 – more than one per working day. This brings the total to 1,662 turbines, in 55 offshore wind farms in ten European countries.

The 293 turbines installed in 2012 represent 1,165 Megawatts (MW), an increase of 33% compared to 2011 installations of 874 MW. …

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Policy Choices Shape Wind Power Success

New GWEC/IRENA report presents a palette of key success factors for wind power development and discusses lessons from 12 mature wind markets

Abu Dhabi, 15 January 2013.¬† A new report released today by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) shows a set of conditions that must be fulfilled in order to best harness …

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Wind power to ease India’s energy security with 89 GW by 2020

New India Wind Energy Outlook released

Chennai, 29 November 2012. Wind energy could soon supply 5 GW annually to fight chronic power shortages in the country, according to the India Wind Energy Outlook , prepared by WISE, IWTMA and GWEC. Officially released at the opening of Wind Power India 2012 by the Hon. Minister of New …

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Global Wind Power Market Could Triple by 2020

New Global Wind Energy Outlook released today

Beijing, 14 November. Greenpeace International and the Global Wind Energy Council released their bi-annual report on the future of the wind industry in Beijing today. The fourth edition of the Global Wind Energy Outlook shows that wind power could supply up to 12% of global electricity by 2020, creating 1.4 million new jobs and …

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EU reaches 100 GW wind power milestone

The European Union has passed the milestone of 100 gigawatt (GW) of installed wind power capacity, according to the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA)

27 September 2012. 100 GW of wind power can generate electricity over a year to meet the total consumption of 57 million households, equivalent to the power production of 39 nuclear power plants.

It took the European wind …

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South Australia blown away by wind power this week

South Australia’s blustery conditions this week had one positive: wind power provided more than half of the state’s power on Wednesday, according to the Clean Energy Council.

Clean Energy Council Policy Director Russell Marsh said data from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) showed that 55 per cent of all the electricity used by South Australians yesterday was generated by the …

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Governments set world on more than 3 C warming, still playing with numbers

Climate Action Tracker

Bangkok– 4 September 2012 Governments are still set to send global temperatures above 3C by 2100, even though their agreed warming limit of 2C is still technically possible, scientists said today.

In releasing their latest update at the Bangkok UN climate talks, the Climate Action Tracker (CAT), a joint project of Climate Analytics, Ecofys and the Pik Potsdam Institute, said …

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Brazilian wind market prospects bright

Rio de Janeiro, 30 August 2012. The Brazilian wind market continues to power ahead, having emerged over the last few years as one of the leading growth markets for the wind industry globally. At the opening of the Brazil Windpower 2012 conference and exhibition, delegates heard from senior government officials and industry leaders about the short and medium term prospects …

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Spanish government’s consideration of discriminatory tax on wind energy threatens the wind industry

1 August, 2012

The Spanish wind industry is fighting for its life.¬†Just a few months ago, the government let the support scheme for the industry lapse, citing the economic crisis and falling electricity demand. Now, the government is contemplating a discriminatory tax on wind energy, much higher than for other forms of generation, further feeding the myth that the renewables sector …

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Wind energy is one of the safest sources of electricity confirms new study by Health Canada on wind turbine sound and human health

1 August, 2012

In response to a proposed national study by Health Canada on wind turbine sound and human health, the American, Australian, Canadian, European, Global and United Kingdom wind energy industry associations point to seventeen reviews of independent research and evidence that all conclude wind is not harmful to human health. According to the wind energy industry associations, wind energy …

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