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China Wind Power Blows Past EU – Global Wind Statistics release

Record Chinese installations drive global market past 63 GW

Powered by an astonishing 30,500 MW of new installations in China, the global wind power industry installed 63,013 MW in 2015, representing annual market growth of 22%. The US market reached 8.6 GW on the back of a strong fourth quarter surge, and Germany led a stronger than expected ...

Wind adds 13GW new capacity in 2015: 44% of all new power

Wind energy added more new capacity than any other form of power in Europe in 2015. 

Across the 28 EU member states, wind accounted for 44% of all new power installations, connecting a total of 12.8GW to the grid – 9.766MW in onshore and 3,034MW offshore. The volume of new installations was 6.3% up on 2014.  Total wind capacity in Europe ...

US added 8,598 MW in 2015, the third largest amount ever installed in a year and a 77% increase over 2014

AWEA highlighted the industry’s sustained growth in releasing its U.S. Wind Industry Fourth Quarter 2015 Market Report. The strong market activity is expected to continue, with a bipartisan vote by Congress late last year for a multi-year extension of the Production Tax Credit (PTC), supplying the industry with much-needed policy certainty. As 2016 began, an additional 9,400 MW were under ...

The Spanish wind power sector installs zero megawatts in 2015, an unknown situation since the 80´s

In the last four years, Spain has installed 1,932 MW, which makes it the less wind power friendly political term in four and compromises Spain's compliance with the European 2020 targetsThe only possibility is to launch new auctions as soon as possible and correct certain aspects of the Energy Reform to restore legal certaintyTo avoid the mistakes of the first ...

Germany adds 3.5 GW onshore wind, bringing the total new installations to over 5.8 GW in 2015

With a net increase of 3,535.8 megawatts, 2015 was the second strongest year for onshore wind energy expansion in Germany. But the draft Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) 2016 does away with binding expansion targets, and will manage wind energy expansion on land by means of annually variable tendering quantities. This means uncertainty for manufacturers and operators. VDMA Power Systems ...

Offshore wind energy in Germany: Record achieved due to catch-up effects

Offshore wind energy in Germany: Figures 2015

Offshore wind turbines with a total capacity of 2,282.4 megawatts went online in 2015.

This demonstrates the capability of the German offshore wind industry and meets the expectations expressed at the beginning of 2015. This will however initially remain a unique record, as it is based on the catch-up effects of grid ...

GWEC CEO Steve Sawyer: The very ambitious goals in the text now need to be matched with deeds

Paris represents a 15 trillion USD opportunity for the clean energy industry, ushering in the biggest transformation of the global economy since the industrial revolution.

The very ambitious goals in the text now need to be matched with deeds. The agreement itself doesn’t change anything overnight, but it establishes a solid framework and a ‘floor’ upon which we must build.

Thousands of ...

GWEC CEO Steve Sawyer: “The global wind industry is ready to play our part in the rapid transformation of our global energy system which will be required to protect our climate for our children and theirs”

“The historic Paris Agreement expresses the collective will of the governments of the world to finally get serious about climate change. It is a triumph of multilateralism and global cooperation at a time when generosity and solidarity are in short supply. Although the actions pledged fall woefully short of what is required to achieve the goal of keeping global mean ...

Renewable energy still facing challenges in 17 countries in South and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia

Despite comprising over 300 million inhabitants and representing 4.9% of the world’s GDP 17 UNECE countries in South and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia represented only 0.5% or USD 0.9 billion of global renewable energy investment in 2014. Attracting investment represents a major challenge in these countries, despite numerous support schemes and policies for renewable energy.   These ...

Ambitious UN climate deal could be investment opportunity for European wind industry

National climate pledges in emerging markets and an ambitious deal in Paris could spark an export boom for the European wind industry.

China, India, Morocco, Brazil and Turkey are just a few of the countries that have made post-2020 national pledges on the deployment of wind energy in the coming years. In all 54 countries have identified wind as a key ...

Webinar: Are we deploying renewables fast enough to stay below 2 degrees of global warming?

26 November, 16:00-17:30 GST/ 12:00-13:30 GMT/ 13:00-14:30 CET

This webinar will present facts and opinions on renewable energy technologies and their climate change mitigation potential. The aim is to provide the general public with a better understanding of renewable energy's role as a large-scale climate change mitigation solution and to evaluate the options and levels of renewable energy deployment required ...

EWEA 2015 will take place as planned

Despite the declaration of a state of emergency by President Hollande, all air and rail links are operating, and airports and train stations are open. Furthermore, the French authorities have issued a formal statement clarifying that all foreseen activities next week should take place as planned. On the basis of this, plus reassurance from the Paris Police Prefecture, the EWEA ...

Google to buy Vestas’ shares in Lake Turkana Wind Power in Kenya

20/10/2015 -

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Upon completion of the project in 2017, Google will acquire Vestas’ 12.5% stake in Africa’s largest wind park, which will supply around 15% of Kenya’s electricity needs based on current generation capacity.

Google’s investment is a leading example of companies investing in wind energy globally to achieve attractive financial returns and scale the deployment of renewable energy. This trend shows that ...

Procter & Gamble to turn the Tide with 100% wind power

As part of the pledge, P&G agreed to achieve 30 percent renewable energy to power its plants globally by 2020, with a long term vision to use 100 percent renewable energy.

Consumer product giant Procter & Gamble has announced plans to meet its electricity demands by using 100 percent wind power to make iconic fabric and home care brands, such as ...

Renewable Energy Rising in Southern Africa

The SADC region becoming a key player in the international trend towards development of renewable energy resources and energy efficiency. Renewables now account for 23.5% of generation.

An understanding of the SADC region’s emerging renewable energy industry, market development and growth is critical to realising the region’s potential and to scaling-up investment opportunities. In order to do so, REN21 and UNIDO ...

Economic benefits of wind energy in Ontario in the spotlight

CanWEA Opens 31st Annual Conference and Exhibition in Toronto

TORONTO, Oct. 5, 2015 /CNW/ - By 2030 wind energy in Ontario will have stimulated over$14 billion in economic activity in the province providing well-paying jobs to thousands of workers and injecting millions of dollars directly into local economies, according to the results of a new study ...


CAPE TOWN, October 5, 2015 - Attracting 3600 delegates from 82 countries, the South African International Renewable Energy Conference was officially opened by the South African Minister of Energy, Ms Tina Joemat-Pettersson, in Cape Town today.  The sixth in a series of International Renewable Energy Conferences (IRECs), first held in Bonn, Germany in 2004, SAIREC is the first such conference to take ...

Just in time for Paris: Renewables to Replace Fossil Fuels by 2050

New Energy [R]evolution 2015 report released

Berlin, 21 September. A ground-breaking new report from Greenpeace International and the Global Wind Energy Council, the Energy [R]evolution 2015, shows the way towards an energy sector powered by 100% renewable energy. The Energy [R]evolution scenario or something very much like it is required if we are to have a reasonable chance of ...

GWEC congratulates new EWEA CEO Giles Dickson

The European Wind Energy Association has appointed Giles Dickson as its new Chief Executive Officer

GWEC congratulates new EWEA CEO Giles Dickson and looks forward to working closely together. 

Mr. Dickson was Vice President of Global Public Affairs at Alstom before joining EWEA. Prior to this, he was a civil servant in the UK government for over 15 years.

Mr. Dickson comes ...

Government climate action would see warming well beyond 2˚C – analysis

Bonn -- 2 September 2015 -- The climate targets so far submitted to the UN by governments collectively lead to global emissions far above the levels needed to hold warming to below 2°C, the Climate Action Tracker said today.   The analysis by the consortium of four research organisations was released today in Bonn where Governments are meeting for the ...

Wind energy has saved South Africa R1.8 billion more than it cost for first half of 2015 – and it’s cash positive for Eskom

The South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA) has welcomed and endorsed a new report by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) on the (ZAR 1.8 billion) less-than-zero costs of renewable energy to the country.  The CSIR has just released its latest calculations on the increasing savings these technologies are achieving. Collectively wind energy and solar power (photovoltaic) saved ...

The 288MW Butendiek offshore wind farm fully operational

The North Sea Butendiek wind farm is in full operation and ready to supply about 370,000 households with renewable energy

The construction works started in March 2014, all foundations, cables and the substation were installed according to schedule and by mid-June, the 80th wind turbine was installed and now brought into operation. This makes Butendiek the fastest built offshore project so far.

“Already ...

Obama’s final clean power plan makes a difference

President Obama announced on Monday the final version of the clean power plan that is to reduce emissions from power plants significantly. While it is an update of the plan already announced in 2014, it still has a significant effect:  

The new plan is more ambitious than the earlier versions. The envisaged reductions increased from 30% to 32% below 2005 ...

VDMA/BWE: The German wind industry takes a breather

The figures for onshore wind in Germany show a downturn in the first six months of this year. Despite this, the trade associations predict a net additional installation for the whole of 2015 of at least 4,000 megawatts, which would make climate goals achievable. The manufacturers are however burdened by a boom and bust market situation, and perch on a ...

Offshore wind industry sets record year for installations in first half of 2015

In the first six months of 2015, the European offshore wind industry installed more new capacity than in any other year on record as several projects reached completion and deployment of larger turbines increased.

Installations in the first half of 2015 touched 2,342.9MW - tripling the grid-connected capacity for the same period last year. As a result, total installed offshore wind ...

Japan’s 7MW floating offshore turbine will be anchored today 20km off the coast of Fukushima

29/07/2015 -

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It will start operation in the course of 2015 and will be joined by Hitachi’s 5MW turbine in 2016. The Fukushima floating wind consortium aims to expand the project to 100 MW in the near future. See broadcast on

Zero wind power megawatts installed in Spain in the first half of 2015

Madrid, 27th July 2015. The worst predictions have come true: Spain does not attractinvestment in new wind power capacity. In the first half of 2015, not a single megawatthas been installed in the country, leaving the total at 22,986 MW. This makes it harderto comply with the draft of the Government´s Energy Plan, which expects about 5,000MW and 7 billion ...

Urgenda wins the case for better Dutch climate policies

The Hague, 24 June 2015 – Urgenda and nine hundred co-plaintiffs were victorious in the climate case today, forcing the Dutch government to adopt more stringent climate policies. The district court of The Hague has granted the plaintiffs’ claims, and the government is now required to take more effective climate action to reduce the Netherlands’ considerable share in ...

Pre-feasibility Reports for Gujarat and Tamil Nadu

FOWIND developed the pre-feasibility reports for offshore wind development in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu (India). The reports identify key offshore areas where detailed wind resource assessment should take place off the coast of Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. These reports will form the basis for future offshore wind feasibility investigations, while at the same time supporting companies and government institutions in ...

Renewable Energy’s Record Year Helps Uncouple Growth of Global Economy and CO2 Emissions

Record installations for wind and solar PV in 2014; Renewable energy targets created in 20 more countries, new total: 164; Renewables account for over 60% of net additions to world’s power capacity; Policy-makers more attentive to green energy heating / cooling; Developing world investments on par with developed world, total $301 billion

Renewable energy targets and other support policies, now in place ...

Global businesses turn to wind power

- Global Wind Day is celebrated on 15 June

Worldwide, 15 June. As the global climate crisis deepens, and political attention to climate increases in the run up to the Paris Climate summit in December, on Global Wind Day we celebrate the fact that more and more companies are turning to clean, reliable and cost-effective wind energy ...

South Africa proudly celebrates 7 years of Global Wind Day with 7 amazing wind energy facts

As the world celebrates Global Wind Day 2015, South Africa proudly showcases its wind energy industry with a short film that shares its immense achievements since 2011.

In appreciation of Global Wind Day being in its seventh year, the South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA) has produced this film which highlights seven amazing facts about wind power in South Africa, along ...

Renewable Energy Employs 7.7 Million People Worldwide, Says New IRENA Report

Employment in the renewable energy industry increased by more than one million jobs in the last year

New York, U.S.A., 19 May 2015 – More than 7.7 million people worldwide are now employed by the renewable energy industry, according to a new report released today by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). This is an 18 per cent increase from last ...

Religion, Morality and the Politics of Climate and Energy

WindLog, 6 May 2015 

As if we needed to be reminded, energy policy seems to be becoming almost as much of a political football as climate change. Besides the well-known attack on the Renewable Energy Target by the Abbott government in Australia, we now have a British election campaign where the Tories have pledged to stop onshore wind development as part ...

Emerging Markets Drive Global Wind Growth

1 April, Istanbul. The Global Wind Energy Council launched its flagship publication the Global Wind Report: Annual Market update today in Istanbul. The report details wind power’s remarkable growth in 2014, as well as updating GWEC’s rolling 5 year market projections, which show continued growth for the rest of the decade.

Led by China and Brazil in the first instance, as ...

MEDIA INVITATION – Press Conference by Webcast



 Press conference by Webcast

 Wednesday 1 April

 09:30 Washington D.C. | 13:30 GMT | 15:30 Brussels | 21:30 Beijing

Join GWEC's free webinar to hear our insights into the global wind industry today, ...

Global Tender

17/03/2015 -

The consortium under the Facilitating Offshore Wind in India (FOWIND) project, co-funded by European Union, invites tenders for supply of Light Detection And Ranging Instruments (LiDARs) for deployment across various locations in the state of Gujarat and Tamil Nadu, in offshore, on existing platforms or suitable structures, for data acquisition with maximum reliability to assess offshore wind power potential. Detailed tender documents ...

FOWIND Launches Global Offshore Wind Policy Assessment Outlook

Facilitating India’s transition towards low carbon development by supporting implementation of national policies and programmes for offshore wind power

NEW DELHI, 17 February 2015– The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) announced today the launch of the Offshore Wind Policy and Market Assessment Outlook. This report is a crucial link to facilitating the development of a roadmap for offshore wind power in ...

Global Wind Power Back on Track

Annual market grows by 44%, passes 50 GW for the first time

After a slowdown in 2013, the wind industry set a new record for annual installations in 2014. Globally, 51,477 MW of new wind generating capacity was added in 2014 according to the global wind market statistics released today by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC). The record-setting figure represents ...

Wind energy installations outperform gas and coal in 2014

The European wind energy industry installed more new capacity than gas and coal combined in 2014. Across the 28 Member States, the wind industry connected a total of 11,791 MW to the grid with coal and gas adding 3,305 MW and 2,338 MW respectively. Moreover, the coal and gas industries in Europe both retired more capacity than they commissioned in ...

Offshore wind installations stabilise in 2014 following record figures the previous year

30 January, Brussels

The European offshore wind industry saw new capacity installations decline by 84 MW (5.34%) in 2014 as the sector stabilised following record figures the previous year.

In 2014, 408 new offshore turbines were fully grid connected, adding 1,483 MW to the European system. The total installed capacity for Europe now stands at 8,045MW in 74 offshore wind farms in ...

Onshore wind energy 2014: Record 4,750 megawatt rise in installations in Germany

Additional volume is due to the allocation of land and the special political situation in Germany in the previous years. The number of turbines dismantled and replaced has also reached an all-time high. German wind industry is well positioned in the booming global market. Reliable political framework is needed for continued expansion in order to meet government targets.

Berlin, 29th January 2015: The massive support ...

2014 Was the Hottest Year on Record

16/01/2015 -

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Check the animation to see the Earth’s warming climate, recorded in monthly measurements from land and sea over 135 years. Temperatures are displayed in degrees above or below the 20th-century average. Thirteen of the 14 hottest years are in the 21st century.

Price up carbon and make solid pledges on renewables in early 2015, says wind industry

Governments must put a price on carbon emissions and make pledges early next year to move away from fossil fuels and increase the share of renewable energy into the global power mix, according to a signed statement from wind industry players.

Wind energy associations, including those from emerging markets such as Brazil, China, South Africa, India and Mexico have ...

Wind and solar: The Energy Revolution is Happening Now

At least 3.8 billion tons of CO2 emissions reductions per year by 2030 LIMA, 10 December 2014. There is a global revolution underway in the electricity sector, led by wind and solar. The two technologies are transforming the way we produce and consume energy, which is good news for the climate:  wind and solar will prevent the emission of ...

Webinar: Doing Business in Mexico

25 November 2014, 3pm GMT - Register now!

GWEC, in partnership with Renewable Energy World, is organising a webinar on Doing Business in Mexico on 25 November at 3pm CET.

The Mexican wind industry now faces the challenge of its consolidation and growth, opening up opportunities in generation, manufacturing and procurement, becoming the largest supplier of clean energy in ...

Health Canada’s new study on Wind Turbine and Noise

Noise and infrasound disturbance linked to wind turbines continue to get media coverage in an increasing number of markets and is used widely as an argument against wind power by anti-wind groups to amplify negative messaging. Health Canada released a summary of a new study at the beginning of November which concludes that there is no evidence of a causal ...

Wind farms will generate over € 500 million revenue for local economic development

Delegates on day one of the South African Wind Energy Association heard that wind energy is now set to make a contribution of more than ZAR 7 Billion to communities and socio-economic development over the next 20 years in South Africa. With five wind farms in full operation, 22 large-scale wind farms currently under construction and another 700 MW expected ...

Wind Energy Outlook: 2000 gigawatts by 2030

Nearly 20 % of global power from wind

BEIJING, 21 October 2014. The Global Wind Energy Council and Greenpeace International released the 2014 edition of the Global Wind Energy Outlook in Beijing today. The report shows that wind power could reach 2,000 GW by 2030, and supply up to 17-19% of global electricity, creating over 2 million new jobs and reducing ...

MEDIA INVITE: Global Wind Energy Outlook 2014 Release

Press conference

Tuesday 21 October, 10:00-11:00, Xi'An meeting room

Kempinski Hotel Beijing Lufthansa Center, Beijing, China

Wind energy has firmly established itself as a mainstream technology and is now the cheapest power option to add new capacity to the grid in an increasing number of markets. Wind power plays a key ...

Sigmar Gabriel praises the amazing development of the industry at WindEnergy Hamburg

WindEnergy Hamburg was opened on Monday evening by Sigmar Gabriel, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, and Vice-Chancellor of Germany. This is the premiere for WindEnergy at the Hamburg Fair site. Wind power has established itself worldwide, both as an economically viable industry and as a major element in energy policy, said Sigmar Gabriel. That is a great success ...

German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel, GWEC CEO Steve Sawyer and President and CEO of Hamburg Messe Bernd Aufderheide at high level press conference of WindEnergy Hamburg

Steve Sawyer, CEO of GWEC: “We’re rapidly moving towards a sustainable energy future…but ‘Business as usual’ means that we’ll all soon be out of business. Time is the one thing we don’t have.”


The global wind market continues to power ahead, led by China, and with booming new markets in Brazil, Mexico and South Africa. New markets ...

Member discount on Ben Backwell’s new book

The Recharge News Editor-in-Chief Ben Backwell's book titled Wind Power-The Struggle for Control of a New Global Industry, with a foreword from Steve Sawyer, was released earlier this autumn.  . We talked to Ben about his new book:

What inspired you to write this book?

I wanted to capture some of the excitement of being involved in the ...

EWEA calls on new Commissioner-designates to take the reins on Europe’s energy future

The European Wind Energy Association welcomes the announcement of Alenka Bratusek as Vice President- and Commissioner-designate for Energy Union and Miguel Arias Canete as the European Commissioner-designate for Energy and Climate Action.

This team will be responsible for implementing the European Commission President-elect's vision of an energy union in Europe and establishing the region as a global powerhouse for renewable energy.

EWEA ...

GWEC Chairman Dr Klaus Rave’s invitation to WindEnergy Hamburg

Welcome to Hamburg, the Free and Hanseatic City, the traditional harbour city, the new hub for the renewables business, and home of some of the major players in the wind industry. From 23 to 26 September, Hamburg will be your gateway to the world of wind energy during its new international wind energy fair – WindEnergy Hamburg - which may prove ...

GWEC welcomes the French Wind Energy Association on board

GWEC is pleased to welcome the French Wind Energy Association (FEE) as a new member of its influential circle of members promoting wind energy around the globe. The French Wind Energy Association, founded in 1996, currently has more than 180 members which cover 90% of the installed wind capacity in France. FEE represents the entire supply chain, and its mission ...

Policy uncertainty threatens to slow renewable energy momentum

IEA forecast sees renewable power as a cost-competitive option in an increasing number of cases, but facing growing risks to deployment over the medium term

PARIS, 28 August – The expansion of renewable energy will slow over the next five years unless policy uncertainty is diminished, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said today in its third annual Medium-Term Renewable Energy Market ...

Europe’s installed wind capacity will increase 64% by 2020 and bring 100,000 new jobs

- European Union countries to install 75GW of wind energy over next 7 years, an increase of 64% installed wind power capacity, bringing the total to 192.4 GW.

- Up to €124 billion in wind farm investments across the EU expected by 2020, Europe’s installed wind capacity will increase 64% by 2020 and bring ...

Centrum Rozwoju Energetyki joins GWEC

GWEC is pleased to welcome Centrum Rozwoju Energetyki (CRE) on board as a new member of its influential circle of members promoting wind energy around the globe. CRE has been for years one of the leading Polish companies providing construction, design, implementation and management of wind power, PV and biogas projects.

CRE offers engineering and legal advice for wind ...

China Introduces Offshore Wind Feed-In Tariffs

China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) has been working with the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) tariff department for months to determine the FIT for offshore wind, and the discussions between the two agencies have now been finalised: the inter-tidal projects will enjoy a tariff of RMB 0.75 (USD 0.12) per kilowatt hour while the nearshore tariff will ...

Global Wind Day: Wind power for greater energy independence

Global Wind Day, celebrated on 15 June, provides the public with an opportunity to discover the benefits of wind energy and to learn more about the technology. This year we also put the spotlight on energy dependence. The six biggest fossil fuel importers in the world – the EU, China, the US, Japan, Korea and India - spend ...

Let GWEC Serve You Better

Survey for GWEC Members

As a GWEC member you are entitled to a number of membership benefits. We have now launched a survey for all GWEC members to give us feedback on some of our key activities and membership benefits.

The aim is to focus our activities even better on issues ...

Wind energy is one of the biggest, fastest, cheapest ways states can meet carbon pollution rule for existing power plants

Washington, D.C.—The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is expected to release its first-ever proposed rule limiting carbon dioxide pollution from existing power plants on June 2. The good news is wind energy is already helping nearly every state make progress toward whatever reductions the EPA will require and is an affordable and reliable compliance option for further reductions.

A just published AWEA white paper, “The ...

GWEC Board election and new Executive Committee

GWEC Board Meeting and AGM, took place on 7 May at Windpower2014 in Las Vegas and included a Board election and the appointment of a new Executive Committee for the next two years.

Dr. Klaus Rave was re-elected as Chairman for a further two years, and he will be joined on the EXCO by Morten Dyrholm of Vestas, Carlos Gasco of ...

Renewable Energy Provides 6.5 Million Jobs Globally – new study by IRENA

Sector shows significant job growth over 2012, new IRENA review highlights

In 2013, approximately 6.5 million people were already employed in the renewable energy industry worldwide, a new study by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) reveals. ‘Renewable Energy and Jobs – Annual Review 2014’ underlines the important role that renewables continue to play in employment creation and ...

Webinar: State of Play of the Global Wind Industry and A Five-Year Projection

The Clean Energy Solutions Center, in partnership with Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), is hosting a no-cost, webinar on the GWEC’s recently released Global Wind Report: Annual Market Update 2013. The webinar will be held on 28 April 2014 at 3:30 p.m. (CEST), 7:30 a.m. (EDT).

Please join us to hear GWEC Secretary General Steve Sawyer present some of the report’s ...

German Renewables Output Helps Cut European Power Prices by 8.4 Pct

16/04/2014 -

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Day-ahead electricity prices in continental Europe recorded a fifth consecutive monthly decline in March as surging German solar and wind output helped chase prices lower in neighboring countries, according to data released by Platts, a leading global energy, petrochemicals and metals information provider.

The Platts Continental Power Index (CONTI) fell 8.4% in March to €35.06 per megawatt hour (/MWh) compared to ...

Photo competition “Wind in Turkey”

Are you creative with your camera and got love for wind energy? Then Wind in Turkey is the competition you should enter and give yourself a chance to win a fair money prize!

Turkish Wind Energy Association will be happy to see your point of view - whether it’s wind turbines, children with  kites or crazy waves, ...

IPCC calls for major shift to renewables to cut emissions

13/04/2014 -

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Renew Economy

Emissions of greenhouse gases grew at a faster rate over the decade from 2000 to 2010 than they did over the previous three decades, reaching the highest levels in human history, despite efforts to limit them, according to the last installment of the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, released Sunday.

This final installment, focused on mitigating climate change, ...

Global Wind Market Rebounds in 2014

The Global Wind Energy Council launched its Global Wind Report – Annual Market Update today, updating the status of the global industry, along with market projections for the years 2014-2018.

GWEC expects installations of at least 47 GW in 2014, a dramatic increase over 2013 levels. The market will be led by China, but with strong recovery in the ...

Citigroup says the ‘Age of Renewables’ has begun

27/03/2014 -

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Renew Economy

Investment banking giant Citigroup has hailed the start of the “age of renewables” in the United States, the world’s biggest electricity market, saying that solar and wind energy are getting competitive with natural gas peaking and baseload plants – even in the US where gas prices are said to be low.

In a major new analysis released this week, Citi ...

CEC Media Release: AMA statement on wind power should reassure communities

19/03/2014 -

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19 March 2014

A public statement on wind farms and health released by the Australian Medical Association (AMA) this week should provide additional peace of mind for communities living in the vicinity of existing or proposed wind power projects, the Clean Energy Council said today. Clean Energy Council Policy Director Russell Marsh said the AMA’s position statement came on top ...

IEA executive director: “We welcome a renewables target for 2030”

The International Energy Agency (IEA) supports an EU renewable energy target for 2030 – this would reduce policy risk and so “bring down costs and put us on the path we want to be on”, stated Maria van der Hoeven, executive director of the IEA today at the European Wind Energy Association’s 2014 annual event in Barcelona.

However, in the absence ...

Water used for EU power production equivalent to annual consumption of Germany

Nuclear, coal and gas plants in Europe use 4.5 billion m³ of water a year, equivalent to that of 82 million EU citizens – the same as the population of Germany – new research shows. Energy production represents 44% of the EU’s total water use: more than any other activity.

Yet wind energy, which uses no water, avoids the use of ...

Wind Power set to boom in Mexico

New Energy Reform to open up market

Mexico City, 28 February 2014 – Mexico WindPower 2014 wrapped up last night on a high note, with delegates anticipating a booming wind market in Mexico as a result of the new Energy reform bill passed last December. The new legislation marks the beginning of the end of Mexico’s 75 ...

Any country can reach high shares of wind, solar power cost-effectively – new IEA study shows

Wind power and solar are crucial to meeting future energy needs while decarbonising the power sector. However, the inherent variability of wind power and solar PV is raising concerns: Can power systems remain reliable and cost-effective while supporting high shares of variable renewable energy? And if so, how? 

A landmark study released today by the International Energy Agency ...

CEOs call on EU Heads of State: “Boost green growth with an ambitious 2030 renewables target”

CEOs from leading European companies today called for a strong 2030 climate and energy framework with an ambitious renewable energy target, including binding national targets.

An ambitious renewable energy target will boost green growth, creating 570,000 more jobs and saving €260 billion in fossil fuel imports compared to a greenhouse gas (GHG) only approach,1 the CEOs from Acciona Energia, Alstom, ...

Germany: Onshore wind power grows as forecast in 2013, but 2014 and 2015 remain highly uncertain

As forecast by the German Wind Energy Association (BWE) and VDMA Power Systems, the market for onshore wind turbines is growing. The statistics published by Deutsche WindGuard on behalf of BWE und VDMA Power Systems based on an up-to-date survey of manufacturers shows stable growth. Nearly 60 percent of the 2,998 megawatts of newly installed capacity was built in central and southern Germany. Wind ...

Global Wind Grows 12.5% in 2013

Annual market down; return to growth in 2014

The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) released its 2013 market statistics today, with cumulative global capacity reaching a total of 318,137 MW, an increase of nearly 200,000 MW in the past five years. However, the annual market dropped by almost 10 GW to 35,467 MW, attributable to the precipitous ...

Wind growth slows in 2013 – European statistics release

During 2013, 10,917 MW of new wind energy capacity came on line in the EU-28, a decrease of 8% compared to 2012. There are now 116,774 MW installed the EU, meeting 8% of EU electricity demand, and a further 4,188 MW in the rest of Europe.

The overall EU installation level masks significant volatility across Europe. In a number ...

Record offshore figures conceal slow-down in new projects in Europe

418 offshore turbines came online in 2013 in Europe, making a record 1,567 Megawatts of new capacity. This is one-third more than the capacity installed in 2012.

This makes a new total of 6,562 MW of offshore wind power - enough to provide 0.7% of the EU's electricity.

However a closer look at what happened reveals a slow-down during the year: two-thirds ...

EU and India join hands to facilitate Offshore Wind

Facilitating India’s transition towards low carbon development by supporting implementation of national policies and programs for offshore wind power

27th January 2014, New Delhi - The Global Wind Energy Council and partners[i] announced today the launch of a four year project to develop a roadmap for offshore wind development in India, with a focus the states of Gujarat and Tamil Nadu.  ...

The global renewable energy share can exceed 30% by 2030 at no extra cost – IRENA report

The global renewable energy share can reach and exceed 30 per cent by 2030 at no extra cost, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) says in a report, “REmap 2030,” that was published today. The study maps out a pathway for doubling the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix based on the technologies that are available today. ...

GWEC is recruiting

28/11/2013 -

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GWEC offers a dynamic international working environment and the opportunity to meet and work with highly experienced people in the renewable energy sector.

GWEC currently has two vacancies :  a) Project Manager and b) Project Finance Officer to ensure the smooth running of the GWEC Indo-European Offshore Wind Project.

This project will look to facilitate India’s transition towards low carbon development by supporting the ...

Vestas launches Wind for Prosperity in collaboration with Masdar

Unique business innovation to bring affordable electricity to energy-poor, wind-rich rural communities

“Many of the world’s most underserved citizens rely primarily on diesel generators for what power they have, which is expensive and polluting.  Wind for Prosperity uses Vestas’ unique weather data processing capabilities to identify energy-poor but wind-rich areas where Vestas’ wind hybrid solutions can power social and ...

Wind power: Bridging the Gap a Clean and Cost-Effective for Raising pre 2020 Ambitions

18/11/2013 -

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Climate Change COP19

COP 18 at Doha resulted in a package of decisions, referred to as the amendments to the Kyoto Protocol to establish its second commitment period, At the same time, a number of important issues requiring further consideration were referred back to the Convention’s two subsidiary bodies (SBI and SBSTA).

Read full article here

To read the Climate Change COP19 ...

Mexico WindPower 2014 will run on 100% wind energy

Mexico WindPower 2014, taking place in Mexico City on 26-27 February, will cover 100% of its power consumption by wind energy and be labeled by WindMade. The event represents the most anticipated gathering of key players from within the wind power industry to discuss latest trends and business solutions in the Mexican wind market.

The WindMade label enables businesses and event ...

Are global CO2 emissions still rising?

Actual global emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) reached a new record of 34.5 billion tonnes in 2012. Yet, the increase in global CO2 emissions in that year slowed down to 1.1% (or 1.4%, not accounting the extra day in the leap year), which was less than half the average annual increase of 2.9% over the last decade. This development signals a ...

Floating turbine up in Japan


Japan’s Ministry of the Environment (MOE) has switched on a 2MW Hitachi floating turbine off the city of Goto in Nagasaki prefecture.

Environment Minister Nobuteru Ishihara said the launch marks a “new era in the use of renewable energy”. He also said that Japan aims to commercialise floating offshore wind as quickly as possible.

The new 2MW turbine, which is mounted on ...

Mainstream 360MW wind wins in SA

29/10/2013 -


Ireland’s Mainstream Renewable Power (MRP) emerged as a big winner in the latest tender round of South Africa’s renewable energy programme after revealing it has secured 360MW of wind capacity.

MRP has been successful with three wind farms, according to a statement from the developer, which led a consortium bidding in the third round.

They are: The 140MW Khobab Wind Farm, the ...

Vestas expands Act on Facts campaign to include Sweden; UK and Ireland will follow in November

“Wind energy projects are being put at risk by an increasingly organized and influential anti-wind movement.  The Act on Facts campaign is designed to counter factually flawed arguments and misinformation and to tip the balance back in wind energy’s favour,” say Morten Albæk, Vestas Group Senior Vice President globally responsible for marketing, communications and public affairs.

Today at the VIND 2013 ...

Wind power to supply up to 18% of world’s electricity by 2050

IEA's New Wind Energy Roadmap launched at China Wind Power in Beijing

Wind power could generate up to 18% of world's electricity by 2050, compared with 2.6% today, the new report IEA Technology Roadmap: Wind energy - 2013 Edition finds. The nearly 300 gigawatts of current wind power worldwide will increase eight- to ten-fold according to the roadmap's vision, ...

Join us at China Wind Power next week in Beijing!

Still time to register for what is the industry's biggest global event of the year, starting next Wednesday 16th October. An event organised by the industry, for the industry.

Visit GWEC on stand BW16 and grab a cup of fresh Nespresso coffee with our team!

We’ve got an interesting programme lined up with the ...

Latest IPCC findings a clarion call for global community to accelerate efforts to combat climate change and steer humanity out of danger zone

Bonn, 27 September – UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres, the UN’s top climate change official, said the findings of the latest IPCC report on climate change are a clarion call for the global community to accelerate efforts to combat climate change and steer humanity out of the danger zone.

On Friday, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released the ...

Major bird charity plans wind turbine at HQ

Wind power critics argue that turbines kill birds. So why is the U.K.'s largest bird charity planning a turbine?

Whenever a new wind turbine project is announced, it's common for critics to pipe up and complain about the risk of bird kills. 

That strategy may fall a little flat with a planning application being submitted in ...

Japan’s offshore wind development speeding off

A lot is happening on the offshore wind power front in Japan. In June Japan unveiled its first commercial floating turbine in Asia and the 2-megawatt turbine off the coast of Fukushima will start operation on 7 October. The first project phase, which included the setting of the Hitachi downwind-type turbine with a rotor diameter of 80 meters on a ...

No Adverse Health Effect from Wind Turbines – new Finnish study confirms

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has published a new study with a conclusion that wind turbines do not cause any adverse health effects. The study consisted of a review of nearly 50 scientific research articles conducted in Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand over the past 10 years.

Due to the increased number of wind power projects in Finland, a ...

Offshore Wind Energy Forum, 14 October 2013 in Daegu, Korea

GWEC Chairman Dr. Klaus Rave will be chairing the side event at the 22nd World Energy Congress on 14 October 2013 in Daegu, Korea

The programme includes:  

A Case Study on offshore wind energy development in the UK and in Korea 

UK Offshore achievement and future plans - Mr. James Baell Hurdles to offshore wind development in Korea and lessons learnt from ...

“The body of evidence is overwhelming”: Prominent climate scientists issue stark statement

Two weeks prior to the launch of the first section of the latest IPCC’s report on climate change, twelve members of the newly established Earth League – a global initiative of prominent climate scientists – have jointly published a stark statement.

“The body of evidence indicating that our civilisation has already caused significant global warming is overwhelming,” the scientists ...

Wind turbine infra sound less than a heart-beat – new research confirms


An acoustic engineering group has rejected claims that the frequencies created by wind turbines can have adverse health issues, saying the infrasound generated is often less than a person’s heart-beat.

Findings by the Association of Australian Acoustical Consultants (AAAC) stated that the current levels of infrasound emitted by wind turbines created are in line with natural levels.

According to the AAAC, ...

Sawyer sees Brazil staying-power

12/09/2013 -

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Recharge News   Most of the international turbine manufacturers that have moved into Brazil’s wind market in recent years will try to stay the course and comply with new local- content rules, says Steve Sawyer. 

“I think they will all try to make it work, even if the amount tendered is closer to 2GW or 2.5GW per year,” says the Global Wind Energy ...

August broke records for wind power in Australia

August broke records for wind power across the country with South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales all hitting new highs for the month, the Clean Energy Council said today.

Clean Energy Council Policy Director Russell Marsh said South Australia's wind farms provided the equivalent of just under 40 per cent of the state’s power for the whole period.

“South Australia’s ...

Direct from Rio: GWEC at Brazil Windpower 2013

04/09/2013 -

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Recharge News 

GWEC confia em fabricantes

A maioria dos fabricantes estrangeiros de turbinas que se instalou no mercado eólico brasileiro nos último anos vão tentar seguir à risca as regras de conteúdo local existentes, diz o secretário-geral do Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), Steve Sawyer.

“Eu acho que eles vão fazer de tudo para dar certo, mesmo se o montante de energia leiloada ...

Floating Offshore Wind Platforms: The Next Wave

03/09/2013 -

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Energy Focus

GWEC Secretary General Steve Sawyer talks about Floating Offshore Turbines in the latest Energy Focus magazine

“A number of companies and governments are very excited about the possibility of large scale deployment of floating offshore wind turbines, and they do have many attractive features. In addition to those mentioned above, these types of platforms could justify the build out of ...

Clear signal of long-term political commitment into decarbonising our energy system is needed

27/08/2013 -

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Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy's first issue features interview with Steve Sawyer

Alternative Energy (AE): Could you, please, tell about the objectives of the Global Wind Energy Council? Which goals have been successfully achieved? 

Steve Sawyer, Secretary General, Global Wind Energy Council: GWEC is the global wind industry trade association, providing representation for the entire wind energy sector at the international level. Our mission is ...

Rapid growth but still below full potential

23/08/2013 -

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Wind Power Monthly, Latin America Special

Wind power now exceeds a healthy looking 5 GW of installed capacity in Latin America doubling its tally over the past 18 months as the preferred renewable energy choice for investment. 

Brazil and Mexico are maintaining their market leadership with annual installed capacity accounting for more than 50% and 25% respectively of the region's total output. ...

Record levels of power from wind in Australia

The equivalent of just under half of South Australia’s power was produced by its wind farms across last week as both it and Victoria smashed previous records for wind power during the blustery conditions.

Clean Energy Council Policy Director Russell Marsh said SA’s wind farms produced the equivalent of 48 per cent of the state’s power needs over the week beginning ...

9 GW or more offshore wind in Germany by 2023 – new study

Consistent offshore wind development allows for substantial cost reductions

Berlin, 22 August 2013. A new study of Prognos AG and The Fichtner Group arrives atthe conclusion that the cost of electricity from offshore wind power can be reduced byabout one third if offshore wind power is consistently developed over the next ten years.“The identified cost reduction potentials are based on ...

President Toomas Hendrik Ilves opened a new wind farm in Estonia

18 new 2.5 MW turbines were erected on the Pakri peninsula supplying power to 50,000 average Estonian households

 “The Paldiski wind farm is a good example of successful cooperation between two energy producers, the synergy has led to one of Estonia’s biggest wind farms,” said chairman of AS Nelja Energia’s management board, Martin Kruus. Based on Nordic and Estonian capital, Nelja ...

Our latest article on Big ambitions ahead for Asian offshore wind

21/08/2013 -

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Offshore WIND

Today just over 6 GW of offshore wind generation capacity is installed worldwide, with an equal amount in development or under construction. While the top offshore wind markets are still found in Europe, representing more than 90% of the current installed capacity, a number of Asian countries including China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and India, have ambitious plans, some of ...

OPINION by Jeremy Leggett

01/08/2013 -

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In my quarter of a century of warning about the climate change threat and advocating the renewable-energy solution, I have never seen anything worry the fossil-fuel incumbency the way the carbon bubble debate has this year.

As a consequence, I expect to see a major diversion of investment from fossil fuels to clean energy before long. Let me explain that uplifting ...

Ukraine adds 18.32 MW of new wind power in first half of 2013

Ukraine added 18.32 MW of new wind power capacity during the first six months of 2013. At the end of June the total wind capacity reached 315.76 MW, out of which 290.76 MW were connected to the national electricity grid, according to the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association (UWEA). In addition, several other wind energy projects are under construction on a ...

GWEC Senior Policy Advisor Shruti Shukla in Climate Change THE NEW ECOCNOMY

15/07/2013 -

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Climate Change THE NEW ECONOMY

“Industry projections show that with the right policy support, by the end of this decade we will see 750 GW of wind power capacity, reducing CO2 emissions by up to 1.1 billion tonnes per annum by that time. This is equivalent to 17- 33% of the current emission reduction pledges on the table in the UNFCCC ...

Japan unveils first commercial scale floating turbine in Asia

A floating wind turbine off the coast of Fukushima Prefecture has been completed at a Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co. shipyard in Chiba Prefecture. The turbine is the first one completed as part of an experimental two stage project commissioned by the Ministry for Economy, Trade and Industry. Ten private-sector companies and the University of Tokyo are involved in the project.

The ...

Renewables to surpass gas by 2016 in global power mix

“For the first time ever, the IEA’s medium term projections for the growth of wind energy are more or less in line with our own”, said Steve Sawyer, GWEC Secretary General, speaking from the Asia Clean Energy Forum in Manila.

“This excellent snapshot of the global renewables market and shows that a renewable energy future is not only possible, ...

WindMade launches Product Label and calls on consumers to ‘Show You Care’

Today, the WindMade organization launches the first global consumer label for products made with wind energy. This label, which has been eagerly awaited by market participants and consumers alike, completes the WindMade label portfolio. 

On the occasion of the label launch, WindMade is calling on consumers to show their support for wind power by participating in the ‘Show You Care’ campaign. ...

WindMade product label out!

We’ve done it! Finally, after many months of deliberations with technical experts, environmental NGOs and potential user companies, and after various round of corporate and public consultations, we’re proud to present the WindMade Product Label!

This is exciting news for WindMade. From now on, progressive brands can apply to use the WindMade label directly on their products. This will give them ...

GWEC at Offshore Wind China 2013 conference in Shanghai

20/06/2013 -

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Shanghai Daily

"China needs to speed up substantially to meet the 2015 target," said Steve Sawyer, secretary general of the Global Wind Energy Council.

SHANGHAI Electric Group aims to grab a 30 percent market share in China's offshore wind market, a sector set to boom in coming years after a slow start.

 "Our aim is to be No.1 in China's offshore ...

IEA calls for urgent climate action

Steve Sawyer on IEA’s new report which was released earlier this morning:

“Once again, the IEA has taken the lead on climate change among international institutions, releasing a new report today calling for urgent action to preserve our ability to remain on track to meet the global target to keep global mean temperature rise to less than 2°C. Equally ...

Hundreds of events around the world for Global Wind Day

From Norway to Uruguay, Israel to India, hundreds of activities will allow people around the world to discover the power of wind energy on Global Wind Day, 15 June.

From concerts in Croatia to boat trips in Japan, a video contest in Georgia and a comic workshop in Argentina, activities are many and varied, but all will be a chance to ...

New Renewables Club launched

On the invitation of the German Environment Minister Peter Altmaier, high-level representatives from 10 countries have gathered in Berlin to establish the Renewables Club on June 1st, 2013. Their common goal is to scale up the deployment of renewable energy worldwide.

Founding members of this pro-renewable alliance are the People’s Republic of China, the Kingdom of Denmark, the French Republic, the ...

GWEC Secretary General Steve Sawyer interview with Cleantech Investor

“The problem with local content requirements for us is that we are faced with two conflicting imperatives: one, to deliver the largest quantity of carbon-free electrons at the lowest possible price; and two, to create local jobs and industries. We are constantly being accused of ‘living on subsidies’, even though renewable energy subsidies pale in comparison to the ...

China’s emissions cap proposal – a transformative step in the fight against climate change?

China is proposing to set a cap on greenhouse gas emissions as early as 2016. National carbon tax proposal is part of a new package of environmental protection taxes and would also include taxes to encourage conservation of coal and water. 

China's centralised decision-making could deliver a national market-based climate policy ahead of United Sates, where divided government and anti-tax sentiment, ...

Steve Sawyer: No Debate

More than 97% of  articles published in the peer reviewed literature supported the notion that human activity is causing climate change

The notion in the media (and hence, in public opinion) that there is a ‘scientific debate’ about whether or not human activity is changing the climate reminds me of an old campaign poster from Canada: “14% of Canadians ...

WindMade launches public consultation on product label

WindMade, the first global consumer label for companies using wind energy, launched the proposed WindMade Standard for Products and Services, setting out the technical requirements for the label to be used on individual products.

This draft will now enter a one-month public consultation period. The introduction of the WindMade Product Label has been eagerly awaited by market participants, ...

Steve Sawyer backs Economist’s editorial from yesterday:

Either governments are not serious about climate change or fossil-fuel firms are overvalued

“Sometimes I despair about ever making any progress on the climate issue. But when a formerly skeptical and very hard-nosed publication like the Economist comes up with an editorial like this, it seems we may have some hope after all. Many have been making ...

GWEC Global Wind Report – Annual Market Update released today

17/04/2013 -

Wind power surges to new record

Brussels, 17 April 2013

The Global Wind Energy Council released its Annual Market Update today, with a comprehensive snapshot of the global wind industry at the end of 2012, along with a 5-year forecast out to 2017. Although policy uncertainty in the main OECD markets is a cause for concern, strong markets in China, India and ...

Launch of the Global Wind Report

MEDIA INVITATION: Press conference

  Wednesday 17 April,  9:00-10:15

Passage room, Résidence Palace - International Press Centre, Rue de la Loi 155 C, Brussels

Current state of play of global wind industry and a five-year projection for the future

Where is the global industry headed? What are the prospects up to 2017? The EU needs to more than double its installed wind power ...

Steve Sawyer @ Radio New Zealand National

Globally, subsidies should be evened out and made completely transparent

Steve Sawyer interviewed by Eric Frykburg

At a Wind Energy Conference in Wellington, New Zealand, Steve Sawyer, Secretary General of GWEC, says governments tell people not to emit greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2), but the subsidies they pay to fossil fuels such as oil more than cancel this out. These ...

Take part in GWD photo competition until 12 May!

The Korean government has set an ambitious target of 2.5 GW over the next nine years for offshore wind power development

The government is aiming to set up a private-public partnership (PPP) to install about 500 turbines off the country’s West coast. Under the PPP, 100 MW of wind projects should be operational by 2013, a further 900 MW by 2016 and the final 1.5 GW by 2016. In addition, local governments are promoting another 4.5 GW of offshore wind projects ...

Japan to maintain feed-in tariff for wind at current level

Japan implemented a new feed-in tariff (FIT) system in July 2012. The FIT prices are re-estimated annually by the Ministry for Economy, Trade and Industry and METI’s cost estimation committee held its 3rd meeting on Tuesday this week defining new purchasing prices for the 2013 fiscal year. While the price for wind power remains unchanged, the price paid for solar ...

Governments are endangering European jobs and growth

EWEA's Special statement on the European energy uncertainty crisis

The financial and economic crisis has provoked a wave of uncertainty across the European Union since 2010, with national Governments making damaging retroactive changes to policies and regulations for wind energy. This political uncertainty is deterring financiers and investors and has already caused job losses and negative financial result announcements.

The ...

Wind power in India getting back on track

Generation Based Incentive reintroduced for wind in India

“We are happy that wind energy sector has been recognized as a significant contributor to the power scenario of the country in the Budget 2013 proposals announced by the Union Finance Minister, Mr.P. Chidambaram”, said Mr. Ramesh Kymal, Chairman, Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers’ Association (IWTMA).  

“The re-introduction of Generation Based ...

Wind power has consistently competed successfully with all other forms of generation in recent auctions in Brazil

Steve Sawyer on wind development in Latin America, Inter-American Dialogue’s Latin America Advisor:

“If methane and carbon dioxide emissions were priced in any meaningful way rather than heavily subsidized, then 'non-conventional' oil and gas would be far from cheap and renewables could easily compete in more markets. Even in that heavily subsidized nvironment, however, the position of ...

Global Wind Energy: Solid Growth in 2012

12/02/2013 -

China, US vie for market leader position at just over 13 GW of new capacity each

Brussels, 12 February 2013

The Global Wind Energy Council released its 2012 market statistics today, showing continued expansion of the market, with annual market growth of almost 10%, and cumulative capacity growth of about 19%. A record year for US installations and ...

Wind power for 9 million households in Eastern Europe by 2020

05/02/2013 -

Without stable legislation, investments will dry up

Language versions:DE, FR, PL, RU, RO, BG,IT

Brussels, 5 February 2013

Wind power in Central and Eastern Europe will become a significant source of electricity production by 2020 and Turkey's wind power generation capacity will grow even faster - provided there is a stable legal framework in each country.

The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) today ...

EU wind industry faces tough challenge – and politicians should not make it worse

04/03/2013 -

Brussels, 4 February 2013

The wind industry is being hit by the economic crisis and austerity across Europe, and a difficult situation should not be made worse by politicians undermining investor confidence, warned top industry figures today in Vienna.

At the opening of Europe's leading wind energy event - EWEA 2013 - politicians and high level industry representatives also spoke of the ...

Wind energy top source for new generation in 2012; American wind power installed new record of 13,124 MW

4Q numbers show 2012 was best year ever, as industry reached 60,000 MW; Texas, California, Kansas, Oklahoma, Illinois are leaders

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 30, 2013 – The U.S. wind energy industry had its strongest year ever in 2012, the American Wind Energy Association announced today, installing a record 13,124 megawatts (MW) of electric generating capacity, leveraging $25 ...

EU offshore wind energy sector posts solid 2012

Europe installed and grid connected 293 offshore wind turbines in 2012 - more than one per working day. This brings the total to 1,662 turbines, in 55 offshore wind farms in ten European countries.

The 293 turbines installed in 2012 represent 1,165 Megawatts (MW), an increase of 33% compared to 2011 installations of 874 MW. ...

Policy Choices Shape Wind Power Success

New GWEC/IRENA report presents a palette of key success factors for wind power development and discusses lessons from 12 mature wind markets

Abu Dhabi, 15 January 2013.  A new report released today by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) shows a set of conditions that must be fulfilled in order to best harness ...

Blowing hot and cold

19/12/2012 -

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Ethical Corporation Magazine

More commitment to wind power could mean hitting global emission targets. But it’s looking unlikely.

Unless market correction such as efficient carbon pricing and removal of fossil fuel subsidies are made now, the current opportunity to contain global warming will be missed, according to IEA projections.

However, governments continue to back the wrong horse. Subsidies to fossil fuels are now ...

Waiting for a Miracle

07/12/2012 -

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COP18 Climate Change THE NEW ECONOMY

For most of the last two decades, frustrated climate campaigners have been saying that “the climate is changing faster than the pace of the climate negotiations”, or words to that effect. While we all hoped that that was not really true and that it would spur governments into action, it is ...

Consumer Demand For Climate Solutions Leads To Expansion Of WindMade Label

WindMade welcomes more renewables 

Supported by UN Global Compact, WWF, GWEC and Vestas, WindMade announces development of new renewable energy label to recognize a wide variety of renewable energy sources

Doha, 4 December 2012. The WindMade organisation announced today the development of a new consumer label for companies and products made using renewable energy. This will be backed by the ...

GWEC Chairman Dr Klaus Rave was awarded for his life-long work for renewable energy

GWEC Chairman Dr Klaus Rave was awarded for his Life-long work for the promotion of renewable energy at the German Renewables 2012 conference in Hamburg on 22 November.

The decision of the jury was based on Rave’s “decades of outstanding professional and volunteer work to make renewable energy as a mainstream energy source in the German and European energy supplies.”

Dr ...

Hon. Minister of New and Renewable Energy Farooq Abdullah at the launch of India Wind Energy Outlook

At Wind Power India on 28 November 2012 in Chennai

Farooq Abdullah, Minister for New and Renewable Energy, Steve Sawyer, GWEC Secretary General and Ramesh Kymal, Chairperson of Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association at the release of India Wind Energy Outlook 2012, at the inaugural session of Wind Power India 2012, in Chennai on Wednesday. (©The Hindu ...

MEDIA INVITATION: Release of the India Wind Energy Outlook 2012

Press Conference

28 November 2012, 3:00pm at Wind Power India, Chennai Trade Centre

What are the projections for wind power development in India up to 2030? What are the key drivers, challenges and bottlenecks in the Indian market? What’s the role for offshore wind in India?

The Indian Wind Energy Outlook provides an in-depth analyses of the current status ...

Global Wind Power Market Could Triple by 2020

New Global Wind Energy Outlook released today

Beijing, 14 November. Greenpeace International and the Global Wind Energy Council released their bi-annual report on the future of the wind industry in Beijing today. The fourth edition of the Global Wind Energy Outlook shows that wind power could supply up to 12% of global electricity by 2020, creating 1.4 million new jobs and ...

Media Invitation: Release of the Global Wind Energy Outlook 2012

Press Conference

14 November 2012, 10:00-11:30 at Kempiski Hotel, Room: Kaifeng, Beijing (50, Liangmaqiao Road, Chaoyang District, 100125 Beijing)

How will the wind industry look in 2020, 2030 and beyond? How much of the global electricity demand will it cover? How much CO² will be saved by wind power? How many people will be ...

Green light in South Africa

The REIPPP will be extended into a rolling procurement programme with an additional allocation of 1,470 MW for onshore wind by 2020

South African Department of Energy has announced that the South African Treasury has signed off on the PPAs for the first round wind projects (630 MW). Following several delays, the government ...

The growth of wind power is taking place against the backdrop of debate

29/10/2012 -

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Steve Sawyer in the Economist Global Energy Conversation

Due to both technology improvements and market forces, wind equipment costs have come down significantly in the past few years. This is making wind farms cost-competitive and allowing them to compete for market share against subsidised incumbents. Offshore wind is, in development terms, where onshore wind was 15 years ago – as it ...

Ten, five years ago everybody said renewables are just too expensive..that is just no longer true

GWEC at Windaba, Cape Town

“Ten, five years ago everybody said renewables are just too expensive. . . Every situation is different but on the whole, as a general statement, that is just no longer true. And that not only goes for wind but it also goes for solar [photovoltaic] and we have to combat that at ...

Today over half of Americans (58%) say they are ‘somewhat’ or ‘very worried’ about global warming

New report 'Americans’ Global Warming Beliefs & Attitudes' released by the Yale University

Americans’ belief in the reality of global warming has increased by 13 percentage points over the past two and a half years, from 57 percent in January 2010 to 70 percent in September 2012. At the same time, the number of Americans who say ...

New wind energy projects are expected to add almost 1,200 MW of clean energy by the close of 2012 in Canada

Clean wind energy grows by nearly 20% in Canada in 2012; Industry injects over $2.5 billion, creates 10,500 jobs

CanWEA expects new wind energy projects to add almost 1,200 MW of clean energy by the close of 2012. This will mark the second consecutive year with well over 1,000 MW of newly installed capacity, maintaining Canada's position ...

China Wind Energy Outlook now available in English

Retrospectively, the China Wind Energy Outlook 2012 estimates that in 2011 71.5 billion kilowatt hours were generated by wind in China, making up 1.5% of the national total electricity output and reducing CO2 emissions by about 70 million tons.

The China Wind Energy Outlook 2012 is the fourth edition in the series, following the 2007, 2008 and 2010 editions jointly ...

A Step Forward for Renewables Development in Russia

First review of the Russian wind energy market was recently published by RAWI

Russia has huge potential for developing renewable energy. However, until now, nothing much has happened, primarily due to the vast reserves of conventional energy resources, such as gas, coal and oil – in addition to lack of political interest and of legislative framework to support renewable ...

GWEC at IEA’s “From Mediterranean Plans to Renewable Energy Power Plants” workshop in Rome

IEA-organised workshop explores speeding renewables deployment in the Mediterranean

The International Energy Agency organised a workshop on 3 October in Rome that explored the vast potential for renewable energy in the Mediterranean region, in particular solar and wind technologies, and how countries can harness it.

About 100 people attended “From Mediterranean Plans to Renewable Energy Power Plants”. The workshop was ...

Bloomberg U.S. operations awarded WindMade label

Bloomberg is the first news organization in the world to receive the WindMade certification label for its U.S. operations.

WindMade is a global consumer label for companies that use wind energy and other renewables, backed by UN Global Compact and conservation group WWF. It requires participating companies to obtain at least 25% of their electricity from wind power. Bloomberg's U.S. operations, ...

Indian Minister for New and Renewable Energy, Dr. Farooq Abdullah, is scheduled to speak at Wind Power India 2012 on 30 November.

Minister Abdullah will discuss the importance of the wind industry in India, highlight the rapid growth in 2011 and 2012, and give insight into policies that will help continue this growth. 

Register today to attend the largest wind power conference in India!

More information at

Direct from HUSUM WindEnergy

GWEC at Husum


“30,000+ people jammed into 8 huge tents plus various Congress buildings where more than 1200 exhibitors at the bi-ennial Husum wind energy fair on Schleswieg-Holstein’s North Sea coast.  Unlike most conference venues, most of the surrounding scenery consists of farms, cows, horses, donkeys sheep and 1300 wind turbines of various sizes ...

China’s wind power to see steady growth

China's newly-installed wind power capacity will see growth of 15 to 18 gigawatts this year, after the country became the world's leading wind power producer in 2009.  

China Wind Energy Outlook, jointly released by the Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association, the Global Wind Energy Council and Greenpeace, forecast that China's wind power sector will maintain the steady growth momentum seen last ...

China Wind Energy Development Update 2012


In 2011, China led the global wind power market again, by adding 17.63 GW of new wind capacity, equivalent to 43% of the global annual market. While the US showed slow recovery from the downturn in 2010 by adding 6.8 GW, China cemented its place as the world’s leading wind market with a total installed capacity of 62,364.2 MW.

At the ...

Global Offshore: Current Status and Future Prospects

Twenty-one years have passed since the world’s first offshore wind farm, Vindeby (5MW), was built in Denmark. Today, 4,620 MW[1] of offshore wind power has been installed globally, representing about 2% of total installed wind power capacity. More than 90% of it is installed off northern Europe, in the North, Baltic and Irish Seas, and the English Channel. Most of ...

MEDIA INVITATION: The Way Forward for the Brazilian Wind Market

Press Conference

The Way Forward for the Brazilian Wind Market

 30 August 2012, 12:30 Espaço SulAmerica, Sala de Imprensa

Brazil’s wind power industry has grown dramatically over the past few years. Does the current system of energy auctions meet the needs of the market? What are the key obstacles? How can we overcome them, and what needs to be done to ensure ...

Spanish government’s consideration of discriminatory tax on wind energy threatens the wind industry

The Spanish wind industry is fighting for its life

The Spanish wind industry is fighting for its life. Just a few months ago, the government let the support scheme for the industry lapse, citing the economic crisis and falling electricity demand. Now, the government is contemplating a discriminatory tax on wind energy, much higher than for other forms ...

Wind energy is one of the safest sources of electricity confirms new study on wind turbine sound and human health

Joint statement by global wind industry 

In response to a proposed national study by Health Canada on wind turbine sound and human health, the American, Australian, Canadian, European, Global and United Kingdom wind energy industry associations point to seventeen reviews of independent research and evidence that all conclude wind is not harmful to human health. According to ...