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  • gwec-in-press - 16 Apr 2014

    Global Wind Power Capacity Projected To Nearly Double In 5 Years (Charts)

    Clean Technica

    Asia is now leagues ahead of other regions within the global wind market. Furthermore, this market is expected to grow at an annual cumulative capacity rate of more than 10 percent over the coming five years. A recent Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) report shows other significant wind energy markets of the past few years have slowed in comparison. …

  • gwec-in-press - 15 Apr 2014

    Wind energy may see resurgence in the coming year

    News Hub

    The Earth Policy Institute has been tracking the status of wind energy capacity worldwide and predicts that the wind sector may experience a period of resurgence soon. In 2013, the wind sector bean to slow considerably in terms of growth. New installations in prominent markets had decreased due to economic and political issues. According to the Global Wind Energy …

  • gwec-in-press - 15 Apr 2014

    Chipping in the global wind energy

    Business Recorder

    No doubt, renewable energy in Pakistan is still in its infancy. But, as per a latest Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) report, the countrys total annual installed wind energy capacity almost doubled to 106 megawatt in 2013. While excluding the regional anomalies (read India and China), the 50 megawatt addition seemingly aligns well with the Asian average addition of …

  • gwec-in-press - 15 Apr 2014

    Global Wind Energy Council looks forward to consistent growth

    Windpower Engineering

    For the first time in more than 20 years, the annual global market for wind energy shrank in 2013. We knew that this was likely to be the case when we did our forecast for 2013 one year ago, but we didn’t expect the drop in the United States to be as dramatic as it was — going …

  • gwec-in-press - 15 Apr 2014

    Report: Global wind energy expects significant 2014 expansion


    The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC, Brussels, Belgium) has launched its “Global Wind Report – Annual Market Update,” updating the status of the global industry, along with market projections for 2014‐2018.

    GWEC expects installations of at least 47 GW in 2014, a significant increase over 2013 levels. The market will be led by China, but with strong recovery in the U.S. …

  • gwec-in-press - 15 Apr 2014

    Wind energy production low in Pacific Islands


    Wind power has become the least expensive and fastest growing source of renewable energy in the world. In the Pacific Islands States, however, the scale at which wind energy technology has been adopted is comparatively small. In fact amounting to only 0.004% of the global cumulative installed capacity according to recent statistics released by the Global Wind Energy Council.

    Small wind …